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Our Story



(Hello in Noongar)

I'm Jade, the face behind


How It All Began

It all started on a dive trip.

I was in Indonesia to see the mysterious but seriously cute Mola Mola fish,
also known as Sun Fish.

They look like giant pancakes and they can grow up to 3m wide.

Not Reef Safe

Unfortunately, using the wrong sunscreen almost ruined my holiday.

I was not allowed to dive because my sunscreen was not reef safe.
(I had no idea!)

I was shocked to find that most chemical sunscreens actually kill our coral reefs.

The Search

I tried to find a reef safe sunscreen that I like but could not find any. They were either too sticky, too greasy or made me look white like a ghost.

As an ocean lover and beach clean up volunteer, plastic bottles are a no for me too as I've seen plenty of it wash up on our beaches.

The Challenge

"Why can't sunscreens look good, feel good and be plastic free?"

Challenge Accepted

After many many months of trial and error, SPF testings and conversations with recycling experts,
SUNSLAYER was born!

A reef safe plastic free sunscreen that
looks fierce but feels oh-so-nice.

PS: In case you're wondering, I did get to see the Mola Mola fish,
three in fact! and they were Incredible.


This idea became a reality when SUNSLAYER was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

Check out our Kickstarter video below. Spot the cute quokkas at the end!

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